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Written by Steven T. Seagle, illustrated by Teddy Kristiansen

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Ted Marx works hard at his career as a quantum physicist. But lately the demands of his job have begun to overwhelm him. Then Ted makes a startling discovery: his wife's father once knew Einstein and claims that Einstein entrusted to him a final, devastating secret—a secret even more profound and shattering than the work that led to the first atom bombs. If Ted can convince his father-in-law to tell him what Einstein had to say, his job will be safe. But does he dare reveal Einstein's most dangerous secret to those who might exploit it?

In their comic book Genius, acclaimed duo Teddy H. Kristiansen and Steven T. Seagle have created an exploration of the heights of intellectual and scientific achievement and the depths of human emotion and confusion.


Praise for Genius

“Seagle instills an intellectually minded tale with humble humanity, natural characterizations, and storytelling restraint, letting the visuals speak a good many words and letting others remain hauntingly unspoken.” —Booklist, starred review

“This remarkable, genre-bending work...details a son's search for his missing father and a writer's struggle to tap his own creative impulse.” —People Magazine on It's a Bird...

“Terrifically wry... This is something truly different.” —Entertainment Weekly, Editor's Choice on It's a Bird...

“A smart and touching graphic novel.” —USA Today on It's a Bird...

“Teddy Kristiansen's painted art remains stunning throughout.” —The Onion on It's a Bird...

“[A] compelling personal story, casting a very real narrator in a painfully real struggle with his family history and himself.” —Boston Globe on It's a Bird...

“Cotton candy masquerading as a meal.” —Kirkus Reviews on It's a Bird...

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About the author

Written by Steven T. Seagle, illustrated by Teddy Kristiansen

Steven T. Seagle is the seven-time Eisner Award-nominated writer best known for his semi-autobiographical graphic novel, It's a Bird . . . illustrated by Teddy H. Kristiansen. He is a two-time GLAAD Media Award-nominee for his series American Virgin. Seagle is a co-founder of Man of Action Studios, creators of Ben 10 and Generator Rex. Genius is his most recent graphic novel. He also writes and directs for the stage.

Teddy H. Kristiansen is a Eisner Award-winning artist from the faraway land of Denmark who spends a lot of time with his computer and the many books in his house. (Too many, according to his wife.) In addition to his work in animation and children's books, Kristiansen is a critically-acclaimed comics artist. Genius is his second collaboration with writer Steven Seagle.

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