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Animal Crackers: Circus Mayhem

Animal Crackers: Circus Mayhem

Animal Crackers (Volume 1)

written by Scott Christian Sava; illustrated by Mike Holmes

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How does Uncle Bob do it? Owen couldn't figure it out.

Buffalo Bob's Rootin' Tootin' Animal Circus is famous for its jump-roping giraffe, tangoing lion, and knife-throwing elephant. But they have to be fakes, right? Owen is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. When he visits the circus he discovers that his uncle and, coincidentally, all of the animals, are missing. It can only be the work of Buffalo Bob’s sideshow rival: Contorto.

Owen stumbles upon the one thing that can save the day: Buffalo Bob’s box of animal crackers. But these aren’t any ordinary cookies: one bite and you’re transformed into a circus animal! The audience is wowed by Owen’s animal antics, but it will take more than a few carnival tricks to defeat Contorto and his pack of goons.


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written by Scott Christian Sava; illustrated by Mike Holmes

Scott Christian Sava's work has brought some of the world's most beloved characters to life through film, television, comics, and games. In 2000 he founded Blue Dream Studios, which has produced work for Star Wars, X-Files, Alien vs. Predator, Spider-Man, and other franchises, in addition to creating its own original content. Animal Crackers is the studio's first feature film.

Mike Holmes has drawn for the comics series Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time and is the creator of the viral art project Mikenesses. His books include Secret Coders (written by Gene Luen Yang), the True Story collection, and This American Drive. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Meredith, Heidi the dog, and Ella the cat.

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