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Witch Buster Vol. 5-6

Witch Buster Vol. 5-6

Witch Buster

Story and art by Jung-Man Cho

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

The hilarious witch hunting saga continues in this New York Times manga bestseller

As the world is pushed into another war, the witch hunters are called to the aid of two great nations. Hunters Xing and Tarras head east to the Bairong Empire, close on the heels of a man who shares Xing's face. But what is Xing's connection to the Empire? Meanwhile, Tasha Godspell is sent south to Camelot, on a quest that will bring him one step closer to his bewitching sister, Aria. But first, he'll need to survive a perilous road trip...


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About the author

Story and art by Jung-Man Cho

Jung-Man Cho, the author/artist of Witch Buster, lives in Korea.

Jung-Man Cho