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Alien Encounter

Alien Encounter

Sasquatch and Aliens

Sasquatch and Aliens (Volume 1)

Charise Mericle Harper; Illustrated by the author

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)




Nine-year-old Morgan is fascinated with aliens. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, land of the sasquatch, and naturally is fascinated with those as well. When he meets new kid Lewis, whose parents own a motel named the Stay On Inn, the adventures begin with slingshots, underpants, annoying older sisters, and neighbors dressed up in bear suits.


An Acrostic Poem About Lewis

Why I Met Lewis

I met Lewis because of underpants. This is not a normal way to meet someone. When weird things happen, they are usually a surprise.

The Woods



Praise for Alien Encounter

“The book really shines in its development of Morgan as a kid still figuring himself out in the context of a new relationship, and in its never-missing-a beat humor . . . Fans will be set-up for more antics from Morgan and Lewis in the series' future installments.” —BCCB

“Young fans of the Magic Tree House mysteries will warm to Morgan and Lewis and eagerly await the next installment of their antics.” —Booklist

“With an authentic, zany splash of fourth-grade humor, perspective, and imagination, this inaugural series title targets boys and will captivate elementary readers.” —School Library Journal

“This book is the first of a series, and the seeds of its sequel are firmly sown, the alien's identity barely solved when a sasquatch turns up. It's all funny and sweet and never too clever.” —The Horn Book

“In this big-hearted, fast-paced, and deadpan first book in the Sasquatch and Aliens series, Harper (the Just Grace books) introduces a pair of nine-year-old boys who are propelled into an adventure that may or may not involve otherworldly creatures.” —Publishers Weekly

“… a genius pairing of fiction and nonfiction.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review on Henry's Heart

“The whimsically crafted tale features not only a pleasingly goofy cartoon cast but also some very clever misdirection in the ‘love story' episode, which is certain to elicit groans and giggles.” —BCCB on Henry's Heart

“Harper offers up a heroic heart that looks a lot like the real thing ‘without the eyes and mouth, of course,' and he's an immensely appealing figure, ideal for teaching readers about this important organ.” —Publishers Weekly on Henry's Heart

“This clever book is an excellent choice for story hours and primary-grade classrooms.” —School Library Journal on Henry's Heart

“Haper's journal-like blending of short chapters with humorous titles, comedic drawings, and lists succeeds into great effect” —Publishers Weekly on Henry's Heart

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About the author

Charise Mericle Harper; Illustrated by the author

Charise Mericle Harper has created many books for children, including Alien Encounter, the popular Fashion Kitty series, the Just Grace books, and Henry's Heart. She lives in Mamaroneck, New York, with her family.

Charise Mericle Harper


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