Pita-Ten Vol 1

Pita Ten

Seven Seas

Higuchi Kotarou is just a normal sixth grader—until an insanely perky angel named Misha moves in next door! Misha makes it her life’s work to make Kotarou happy so she can pass her angel exams. In the meantime, Kotarou also has to cope with Misha’s freaky roommates: a kind-hearted demon and her mysterious black cat.

Pita-Ten is a bestselling manga series in the US, published by Tokyopop. It is a hit franchise in Japan, that has enjoyed tremendous success as a manga and anime in North America. Seven Seas is delighted to introduce the Pita-Ten light novel series to a North American audience.

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  • Yukari Ochiai can't get enough of new trends and keeps up with all the latest dramas. Yukari loves dialogue riddled with puns and double meanings and roots for Hiroshi the most out of all the Pita-Ten characters.