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Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 1

Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 1

Gunslinger Girl

Story and art by Yu Aida

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

After Henrietta barely surives the savage murder of her family, Italy's Social Welfare Agency takes her in and repairs her injuries using the latest in cybernetic technology. All traces of Henrietta's past are wiped from her mind as she becomes one of the Agency's most lethal assassins.

Despite her progamming, Henrietta is troubled by fragmented memories. Her handler Jose must keep her feelings in check and ensure that she stays on mission; a task made all the more difficult by Henrietta's striking resemblance to Jose's late younger sister.


Praise for Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 1

Gunslinger Girl is one of those manga series that makes you think about what you've read once you put the book down. Unlike so many manga on the market, Gunslinger Girl has some real substance.” —IGN.COM

Gunslinger Girl is a surprisingly dark but fascinating story with as much psychological drama as action. I strongly recommend it.” —MANIA.COM

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About the author

Story and art by Yu Aida

Yu Aida, best known as the writer and artist of Gunslinger Girl, resides in Tokyo, Japan.

Yu Aida