Amazing Agent Luna Vol. 8

Luna’s control agent, Jennifer Kajiwara, is given an ultimatum by her superiors in the Agency. If Luna fails in her newest mission, Project Luna will be terminated—literally. As Luna delves deeper into the shadowy organization known as Knightfall, what she learns may not only jeopardize her mission, but could destroy her makeshift family forever.


Praise for Amazing Agent Luna Vol. 8

"A great choice for preteens, but it has enough personality to amuse older readers as well." —MANGABLOG.NET

"An addictive storyline with some truly amazing artwork." NEO

"An altogether entertaining read." NEWTYPE USA

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  • NUNZIO DEFILIPPIS & CHRISTINA WEIR are a husband and wife writing team who have worked in television on HBO’s Arli$$ and Disney’s Kim Possible. Veteran comic book writers, they have written such series as New Mutants and New X-Men, and numerous manga and graphic novels. Their pirate manga adventure, Destiny's Hand, has been nominated for the Young Adult Library Services Association’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens List, 2011. They live in Southern California.www.weirdefilippis.com SHIEI is the artist for Aoi House and Avalon: the Warlock Diaries. She is the most prolific Original English Language manga artist in the US, having illustrated thirteen full-length manga so far. Shiei resides in Southern California.nekoshiei.deviantart.com


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Amazing Agent Luna Vol. 8

Amazing Agent Luna
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