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Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 3

Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 3

Gunslinger Girl

Story and art by Yu Aida

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

New storyline released in North America for the first time

This omnibus edition contains the long-awaited continuation, volumes seven through eight, of the hit Gunslinger Girl manga series, never before released in North America!

There is a secret counterterrorism unit for the Italian government known only as "The Social Welfare Agency." Its mission: to rescue troubled girls and turn them into heartless cyborg assassins using the latest advances in cyber-technology.

The newest inductee into the Agency is a second generation cyborg called Petrushka, who may just be the Agency's most powerful operative yet. Petrushka is given an impossible trial-by-fire mission, together with her handler Alessandro, to prevent an assassination attempt. How can she prove she's got what it takes when she may not even survive her very first mission?


Praise for Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 3

Gunslinger Girl is one of those manga series that makes you think about what you've read once you put the book down. Unlike so many manga on the market, Gunslinger Girl has some real substance. ” —IGN.COM

Gunslinger Girl is a surprisingly dark but fascinating story with as much psychological drama as action. I strongly recommend it.” —

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About the author

Story and art by Yu Aida

Yu Aida is best known as the writer and artist of Gunslinger Girl, and resides in Tokyo, Japan.

Yu Aida