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Boo's Surprise

Boo's Surprise

Boo's Dinosaur

Betsy Byars; illustrations by Erik Brooks

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


"A dinosaur! A new dinosaur!" Boo shouted. "This dinosaur left me a big surprise."

Boo is excited to receive a giant egg—and to find out what's inside! Her brother, Sammy, is not—but he is still willing to help her after the egg hatches into a lovable baby dinosaur. Is it all Boo's imagination or not? The youngest chapter book reader will want to find out in this wonderfully imaginative sequel to Boo's Dinosaur.


The Surprise
Boo ran into the house. "A dinosaur! A new dinosaur!" she shouted.
"Not another one," her brother, Sammy, said.
"Sammy, this was so exciting," Boo said. "I was sitting in...

Praise for Boo's Surprise

“Convincing family relationships enhance Boo's experiences; child-centered dialogue abets the taut pacing. Engaging double-page drawings extend the text with humor and warmth. Brooks's illustrations vary shading to depict the fully realized characters. The dinosaur's dynamic expressions provide a warm immediacy to the engaging plot, and Boo's bouncy pigtails convey her youthful exuberance. The successful balance between fantasy and realism creates a satisfying chapter-book selection.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Lots of fun for sharing and reading aloud.” —Booklist

Reviews from Goodreads

Betsy Byars; illustrations by Erik Brooks

BETSY BYARS, a Newbery Medalist, has written beginning readers such as The Golly Sisters, chapter books such as the bestselling Tornado, and novels such as Summer of the Swans and The Pinballs. She and her husband live in South Carolina.

ERIK BROOKS is the illustrator of Boo's Dinosaur and Shirley Climo's Monkey Business. He is also the author and illustrator of Slow Days, Fast Friends, among others. Erik lives in Winthrop,Washington, with his family.

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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