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Henry Aaron

Pitch Like a Pro

Jane Aaron

Relentless Aaron

Extra Marital Affairs; Lady First; Single with Benefits; Topless

Mark Aarons

The Secret War Against the Jews; Unholy Trinity

Edward Abbey

Beyond the Wall; One Life at a Time, Please; The Serpents of Paradise; The Fool's Progress

Geoffrey Abbott

The Executioner Always Chops Twice; Execution; What a Way to Go

R. Tucker Abbott

Seashells of the World; Seashells of North America

Kenneth Abel

Down in the Flood

Linda W. Aber

Barbara Abercrombie

Writing Out the Storm

Anna Aberg

The 30-Minute Pregnancy Workout Book

Richard J. Ablin

The Great Prostate Hoax

Keith Ablow

Compulsion; Murder Suicide; The Architect; Psychopath

Jay Abraham

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got

Spencer Abraham

Lights Out!

Yosef I. Abramowitz

Ina Abrams

Sasha Abramsky

Hard Time Blues

Jill Abramson

The Puppy Diaries

Bassam Abu Sharif

Arafat and the Dream of Palestine

Said K. Aburish


Chantel Acevedo

Love and Ghost Letters

Habibe Acikgoz

Bold & Beautiful Easy-Sew Clothes

Peter Ackerman

A Force More Powerful

Peter Ackroyd

Foundation; Tudors: The History of England from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I; Rebellion: The History of England from James I to the Glorious Revolution

Amir D. Aczel

Uranium Wars; Finding Zero

Jiro Adachi

The Island of Bicycle Dancers

Cherry Adair

Rescue Me; The Bodyguard; Tropical Heat; Undertow

Angela Adair-Hoy

How to Publish and Promote Online

Paul Adam

The Rainaldi Quartet; Paganini's Ghost

Cindy Adams

The Gift of Jazzy; Living a Dog's Life, Jazzy, Juicy, and Me

Eve Adams

The Garden of Eden

Jan R. Adams

Jeremy duQuesnay Adams

Joan of Arc: Her Story

Jim Adams

John M. Adams

The Millionaire and the Mummies

Laura D. Adams

Money Girl's Guide to Retirement Planning; Money Girl's 10 Steps to a Debt-Free Life; Money Girl's Smart Moves to Deal with Your Debt; Money Girl's Smart Moves to Grow Rich

Natalie Guice Adams

Terry Adams

Thelma Adams


Allen P. Adamson

BrandSimple: How the Best Brands Keep it Simple and Succeed; BrandDigital; The Edge: 50 Tips from Brands that Lead

Adrianna Adarme


Beth Adelman

Dog Talk

Sandra E. Adickes

To Be Young Was Very Heaven

Lesley Adkins

Empires of the Plain

B. Adler

Bill Adler

World War II Letters

Elizabeth Adler

The Last Time I Saw Paris; The House in Amalfi; Invitation to Provence; Sailing to Capri

Renata Adler

Tina Adler

The Alzheimer's Action Plan; Living Well After an Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Susan Adrian

Tunnel Vision

Rita Aero

Sergei Afonkin

Arthur Agatston M.D.

The South Beach Diet; The South Beach Heart Health Revolution; The South Beach Diet Supercharged

Marilyn C. Agin

The Late Talker

Ann Aguirre

Enclave; Modified; Endurance; Fierce Reads Fall 2012 Chapter Sampler

A. X. Ahmad

The Caretaker; The Last Taxi Ride

Amir Ahmad Nasr

My Isl@m

Sohrab Ahmari

Arab Spring Dreams

Dan Ahrens

Investing in Vice

Joan Aiken

Jane Fairfax; The Way to Write for Children; The Whispering Mountain; The Shadow Guests

Odelia Ainbinder

We Just Want To Live Here

Arthur Ainsberg


Catherine Aird

Chapter and Hearse; Hole in One; Losing Ground; Past Tense

Pallavi Aiyar

Chinese Whiskers

Nicky Akehurst

John Akeroyd

Karen Akins

Loop; Twist

Bruce Akiyama

Hollywood Escapes

Daniel Alarcon

The Secret Miracle

Dean Albarelli

Trev Albert

Viv Albertine

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys.

Johnna Albi

Greens Glorious Greens!

Barbara Albright

Simply Scones; More Muffins

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