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Alexander Abramovich


Mike Adams

Siri Agrell

Bad Bridesmaid

Arlene Alda

Just Kids from the Bronx

Andre Alexis

Catherine Allgor

A Perfect Union

Jay Allison

Free Minds and Hearts at Work; The God Who Embraced Me; Growth that Starts From Thinking; The Willingness to Work for Solutions

Jonathan Andrews

Davar Ardalan

My Name Is Iran

Yareli Arizmendi

Michka Assayas

Dale Atkins

Molecules; I'm OK, You're My Parents

Rick Atkinson

In the Company of Soldiers; An Army at Dawn; The Day of Battle; The Long Gray Line

Paul Auster

I Thought My Father Was God; Hand to Mouth; Three Films; City of Glass

Alan Axelrod

The Go-Getter; Bradley: A Biography; Patton: A Biography; Selling the Great War