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Burnt Water

Burnt Water

Carlos Fuentes; Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

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In Burnt Water by Carlos Fuentes, the rich and the poor, the noble and the brutish, and street kids and aesthetes find themselves portrayed in twelve short stories examining the life of Mexico City.


Praise for Burnt Water

“Fuentes's genius is indisputable. He is a fountain of the myths and spiritual past and present of his native Mexico, which he has revealed to us in such novels as The Death of Artemio Cruz, Terra Nostra, and Aura. He does so again in this collection of short stories ... There is a beauty, passion and brilliance here that, even if we had never heard of Mexico, we could not miss.” —Publishers Weekly

“As usual, Fuentes is in full command of both form and language, slipping effortlessly from realism to fantasy and from the casual to the profound.” —The Atlantic Monthly

“With seven novels already published in translation, this is Fuentes's first book of stories to appear in English. As the Author's Note makes clear, the protagonist of Burnt Water is modern-day Mexico City, its historic charm, its dirt and violence, its deep political and class divisions.” —Library Journal

“The wealth of imagination and invention in these stories is simply breathtaking ...” —New Statesman

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About the author

Carlos Fuentes; Translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012) was one of the most influential and celebrated voices in Latin American literature. He was the author of 24 novels, including The Death of Artemio Cruz, The Old Gringo and Terra Nostra, and also wrote numerous plays, short stories, and essays. He received the 1987 Cervantes Prize, the Spanish-speaking world's highest literary honor.

Fuentes was born in Panama City, the son of Mexican parents, and moved to Mexico as a teenager. He served as an ambassador to England and France, and taught at universities including Harvard, Princeton, Brown and Columbia. He died in Mexico City in 2012.

Carlos Fuentes

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Carlos Fuentes

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