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Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo

Story by Jason DeAngelis; Art by Aldin Viray

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

The year is 1893. Under the iron grip of Napoleon IV, France has extended its tyrannical rule throughout the world, forging a vast Empire that rivals that of ancient Rome.

Only one man stands in defiance against the Empire, roaming at will beneath the surface of the oceans: Young Captain Nemo and his ragtag crew aboard the Nautilus II.


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About the author

Story by Jason DeAngelis; Art by Aldin Viray

Jason DeAngelis brings with him an expertise in Japanese language and culture, having lived, worked, and studied martial arts in Japan for six years. Working as a freelance Japanese translator, he has translated such prominent manga titles as Berserk and Gundam Seed. He is also the Chief Creative Officer at Seven Seas, and oversees original manga production.

Jason DeAngelis

Aldin Viray