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Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit

Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit

A Midnight Louie Mystery

Midnight Louie Mysteries (Volume 17)

Carole Nelson Douglas

Forge Books




Ace freelance PR woman and amateur detective Temple Barr is 30-going-on-19 when she agrees to do homicide lieutenant Carmen Molina a big favor and go undercover as a contestant at Teen Idol, a TV reality show. The lieutenant is worried because someone is threatening the contestants--including her own 13 year old daughter--by leaving mutilated Barbie dolls all over Las Vegas.

Reliving the years of melodrama and teen angst while acting as a nanny-cum-diversion is bad enough, but Temple is dismayed to discover her professional nemesis is in charge of PR for Teen Idol-and, even worse, her romance novelist aunt has flown in from New York to be a judge. Can redheaded Temple fool her nearest and least dearest with a black dye job to complement her new punk persona, Xoë Chloë Ozone?

Temple is on her own among 28 unnatural blonds, who all say they'd kill to make the final cut and be named Teen Idol Queen... and one of them might actually do it. Usually Temple has an ace or two up her sleeve, but Max Kinsella, Temple's ex-magician boyfriend, is AWOL plotting to infiltrate a sinister cabal of terrorist magicians, and neighbor-slash-sometime love interest Matt Devine is in Chicago, tracking down his shocking family roots.

Luckily, there's one one alpha male Temple can always lean on: Midnight Louie, her black alley-cat roommate. Louie is already on the case, ensuring that all the "little dolls" under his care debut on national TV as more than lovely corpses.

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Chapter 1
Hello Kitty
Homicide Lieutenant C. R. Molina's desk hosted two very different images.
One was a glossy 11-by-17-inch poster of a Barbie-doll-cute teen girl tricked out in industrial-strength amounts of hot...


Praise for Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit

“Temple Barr, public relations whiz, rocks Las Vegas with her wacky friends and enemies, fast-paced action, and laughs!” —New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich on the Midnight Louie series

“This feisty feline detective is fast gaining a reputation of being one of America's top investigators...If either Mike Hammer or Columbo had a cat, it would be Midnight Louie.” —Cat Fancy on the Midnight Louie series

“A furry Sam Spade.” —People on the Midnight Louie series

“If Midnight Louie prowled only the predictable streets of genre fiction, all the murders in his ersatz world would be resolved. But each new installment in this exuberant series compounds the complexity, leaving us between books with mysterious bodies and looming menace.” —Kirkus Reviews on the Midnight Louie series

“Midnight Louie defies critical comment. To some cat fanciers, he is as tasty as a fresh bowl of Fancy Feast.” —Booklist on the Midnight Louie series

“A new Midnight Louie book is pure reading catnip... the irresistibly witty Louie [is] a legendary sleuth who ranks right up with the greats-Travis McGee in fur!” —Romantic Times on the Midnight Louie series

“Those readers who follow Lillian Jackson Braun's Cat Who series will love Midnight Louie!” —VOYA on the Midnight Louie series

“It is always a joy to be reunited with that adorable tomcat, Midnight Louie, whose thoughts, deeds, and devotion make the feline seem more human than most Homo sapiens.” —Affaire de Coeur on the Midnight Louie series

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About the author

Carole Nelson Douglas

CAROLE NELSON DOUGLAS is the author of the bestselling Midnight Louie series, which includes Cat in a Neon Nightmare, Cat in a Midnight Choir, Cat In a Leopard Spot, and many more. She is also the author of the historical suspense series featuring Irene Adler, the only woman ever to have "outwitted" Sherlock Holmes. She resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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