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Child of a Rainless Year

Child of a Rainless Year

Jane Lindskold

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Trade Paperback

Middle-aged Mira Fenn knows she has an uncomfortably exotic past. As a small girl, she lived in a ornate old house in tiny Las Vegas, New Mexico, tended by oddly silent servant women and ruled by her coldly flamboyant mother Colette. When Mira was nine, Colette went on one of her unexplained trips, only this time she never returned.

Placed with foster parents, Mira was raised in Ohio, normal save for her passion for color. On gaining adulthood, she learned that she still owned the New Mexico house. She also learned that, as a condition of being allowed to adopt her, Mira's foster parents had agreed to change their name, move to another state, and never ask why.

Years later, going through family papers after the deaths of her elderly foster parents, Mira finds documents that pique her curiosity about her vanished mother and the reasons behind her strange childhood and adoption.

Travelling back to New Mexico, she finds the house is and isn't as she remembers it. Inside, it's much the same. Outside, it's been painted in innumerable colors. As Mira continues to investigate her mother's life, events take stranger and stranger turns. The silent women reappear. Even as Mira begins to suspect the power to which she may be heir, the house itself appears to be waking up...

Shot through with magic and the atmosphere of the Southwest, this singular fantasy novel has all the storytelling vigor of Jane Lindskold's very popular Firekeeper series.


Chapter One

Just what colors our attitude toward color? Too much and we risk not being taken seriously; too little and we fear being dull.

---Patricia Lynne Duffy,
Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens
Coloring Inside the Lines



Praise for Child of a Rainless Year

“I adore Jane Lindskold's writing...Her novels are a rarity for me--fat, engrossing novels that still don't seem long enough.” —Charles de Lint

“Her characters live--they're real, but they are different. And the world they live in lingers in the mind; heroic, squalid, exotic, everyday. I was convinced that it went on by itself when I turned the last page. Bravo!” —S. M. Stirling on Through Wolf's Eyes

“A ripping good fantasy.” —Kliatt on Legends Walking

“A story to be savored.” —Romantic Times on The Buried Pyramid

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About the author

Jane Lindskold

Jane Lindskold lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her Wolf novels include Through Wolf's Eyes; Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart; The Dragon of Despair; and Wolf Captured. Her other novels include The Buried Pyramid, Changer, and, with the late Roger Zelazny, Lord Demon and Donnerjack.

Jane Lindskold

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