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China Sea

China Sea

A Thriller

Dan Lenson Novels (Volume 6)

David Poyer

St. Martin's Press



David Poyer's cycle of modern Navy tales ranks among the finest nautical fiction of our time. With China Sea, his self-doubting protagonist Daniel V. Lenson faces for the first time the unforgiving challenge of command at sea.

Ordered to relieve an alcoholic skipper, Dan finds he has inherited a damaged ship, an untrustworthy crew, and an ambiguous mission. He is to take the USS Oliver C. Gaddis, soon to become the PNS Tughril, on her final voyage to be donated to Pakistan. But in Kirachi, Dan gets new orders: take Gaddis still further east, and operate against modern pirates preying on commercial shipping in the remote, dangerous South China Sea.

Pursuing an elusive and shadowy foe into an exotic, isolated world of hazardous reefs and tropical islands, Dan gradually discerns a larger purpose behind his supposed objective. Who are these "pirates?" What expansionist cunning supports them? Abandoned by the Navy, threatened by a mutinous crew, a murderous shipmate, and an approaching typhoon, Gaddis struggles to survive without crossing the shadow-line herself.

Filled with suspense, battle, and unforgettable descriptions of the sea's beauty and violence, China Sea continues Dan Lenson's star-crossed career in what Booklist calls, "One of the outstanding bodies of nautical fiction during the last half-century."


Praise for China Sea

"If you’ve been fighting a lifelong and losing battle to get rid of the clutter, Silber’s sprightly and thorough advice could be the answer."—Publishers Weekly

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About the author

David Poyer

David Poyer's naval career has included service in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Arctic, Caribbean, and Pacific. His twenty novels have won millions of readers around the world, and his sea fiction has been required reading in the Literature of the Sea course at the U.S. Naval Academy. China Sea is the sixth in his novel-cycle of the modern Navy, following The Med, The Gulf, The Circle, The Passage, and Tomahawk (all available in St. Martin's Press paperback). He lives with his wife and daughter in Virginia.

David Poyer

David Poyer

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