Clean Kill

A Sniper Novel

Kyle Swanson Sniper Novels (Volume 3)

Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin, USMC Ret.. with Donald A. Davis

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Edinburgh, Scotland. Sir Geoffrey Cornwell is brokering an unprecedented agreement. Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli Foreign Minister are scheduled to sign a historic peace treaty…until their meeting is interrupted by a missile strike that leaves the Foreign Minister of Israel dead and Cornwell and the Prince injured.

Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson is running covert missions in the mountains of Pakistan when he’s called in to thwart another attempt on the Saudi prince’s life. Though the Middle Eastern attackers aren’t working for Al Qaeda, they are employed by foreign operatives who are opposed to the peace agreement—and intend to claim Saudi oil reserves for themselves.

Meanwhile, out of hiding and back from the grave, comes the notorious sniper known as Juba. One of the world’s most dangerous terrorists, Juba is Kyle Swanson’s nemesis and is determined to exact revenge—at every imaginable cost…


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FOR ONLY A MOMENT, LESS time than needed to take a breath, Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson lifted his eyes from the dark path uncoiling before him and looked above the surrounding snow-covered peaks. A crescent moon rode in the cold night sky, with a shadowed edge so clean that the Marine sniper could make out the pimpled edges of individual craters with his naked eye. An early astronaut once described the lunar emptiness as magnificent desolation, and Swanson thought the same description was a good fit for the sheer and ragged mountains of western Pakistan. Up, down, or


Praise for Clean Kill


A Sniper Novel

‘The pages fly by as Swanson must face his most personal mission yet. The military tactics take a backseat to the characters, creating a strong and compelling narrative. Coughlin and Davis have concocted another winner that should only encourage a growing readership.”—Booklist

“Former Marine Coughlin and bestseller Davis combine a well-paced, credible plot with a realistic portrayal of modern combat. . . . The climax . . . will leave readers cheering.” —Publishers Weekly


A Sniper Novel

“Compelling.” —Publishers Weekly

“The [plot] propels the pages forward, but this one isn’t all about action: Swanson proves a surprisingly complex character...Dead Shot suggest[s] a hardware-heavy story that only an armed- services veteran could love. Surprisingly, it’s completely the opposite. Readers will be compelled…and will look forward to another Swanson adventure.”—Booklist

Kill Zone

A Sniper Novel

“Stunning action, excellent tradecraft, insider politics, and the ring of truth. Just about perfect.”—Lee Child

“Tight, suspenseful…Here’s hoping this is the first of many Swanson novels.” —Booklist

“The action reaches a furious pitch.”—Publishers Weekly


The Autobiography of the Top-Ranked Marine Sniper [Laurie, maybe add a line break to this subtitle?]

“One of the best snipers in the Marine Corps, perhaps the very best. When I asked one of his commanders about his skills, the commander smiled and said, ‘I’m just glad he’s on our side.’”—Peter Maass, war-correspondent and bestselling author of Love Thy Neighbor

“The combat narratives here recount battlefield action with considerable energy . . . A renowned sniper, Coughlin is less concerned with his tally than with the human values of comradeship and love.”—The Washington Post

“Coughlin is a sniper, perhaps one of the most respected and feared in the Corps, and his memoir, Shooter, offers a uniquely intimate look into the life of one trained to live in the shadows . . . some of the most poignant action ever recorded in a modern Marine memoir.”—Seapower magazine


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  • Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin, USMC Ret.. with Donald A. Davis

  • Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin was the Marine Corps' highest ranked sniper in the Iraq War. He served with the the Third Battalion, Fourth Marines during the drive to Baghdad and has operated on a wide range of assignments in hot spots around the world. He is co-author of the Kyle Swanson Sniper Novels, and of his autobiography, ShooterDonald A. Davis is the author of Lightning Strike: The Secret Mission to Kill Admiral Yamamoto and Avenge Pearl Harbor, and numerous other books, including several New York Times bestsellers. He lives outside Boulder, Colorado.
  • Jack Coughlin © David Eckenberg, Tumbleweed Photos Yucca Valley
  • Donald A. Davis


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Gunnery Sgt. Jack Coughlin, USMC Ret.. with Donald A. Davis



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