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Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage

Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage

Kaye Umansky; Illustrated by Johanna Wright

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When the sensible, reliable, and always tidy Clover Twig goes to work for a messy witch, she discovers that the witch's cottage has quite a few secrets hiding inside of it!

USBBY Outstanding International Book, USBBY-CBC Outstanding International Book


CLOVER TWIG and the Magical Cottage

Chapter One
Wonted. Storng gril to cleen.
Clover Twig stood at the garden gate, staring in at the Witch's cottage--and the cottage stared right back. The windows were like...


Praise for Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage

“Fans of Roald Dahl or Eva Ibbotson may enjoy discovering the secret of the magical cottage along with Clover.” —School Library Journal

“A rambunctious plot, lashings of corny and delightful wordplay, and an original supporting cast contribute to the fun.” —The Horn Book

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About the author

Kaye Umansky; Illustrated by Johanna Wright

Kaye Umansky is the author of over 130 books for young readers. She lives in London with a nice husband (Mo), a nice daughter (Ella), and two crazy cats called Heathcliff and Jeremy. When asked about her inspiration for Clover Twig, she said: "I am really scared of heights, ever since getting stuck up a cliff as a kid. But, funnily enough, I'd love to be able to fly! That would be my chosen superpower. I know I would be scared rigid in a flying cottage in real life, so I let my characters do it, which is the next best thing. Although even writing about it makes me feel air-sick!"

Kaye Umansky

Johanna Wright

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