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Communion Blood

Communion Blood

A Novel of the Count Saint-Germain

St. Germain (Volume 12)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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Olivia Atta Clemens, Saint-Germain's love from the days of Imperial Rome, has died the True Death and left her lavish estates to her servant, Niklos Aurilios, but they have been claimed by a young noble who says he is the long-lost son of Olivia's dead husband. Saint-Germain may not be able to convince a court of Niklos's rights without revealing Olivia's true nature, and therefore, his own.



"Actually," Ferenc Ragoczy, Abbe of Sanct' Parasceva and Count Saint-Germain, went on as he strolled down the length of the old-fashioned atrium at Senza Pari on the outskirts of Roma, "Olivia would probably have issued...


Praise for Communion Blood

“Yarbro is one of our finest writers, incapable of a slack paragraph or a fuzzy thought. The Count remains a vibrantly original character, one of the greatest contributions to the horror genre.” —Peter Straub

“[This novel presents] a finely wrought tapestry of lives in grim historical context. The author captures vividly the brutality and greed that powerful Romans hid behind a facade of elegance and piety. Those new to the Count, as well as his loyal admirers, will enjoy this richly textured tale of political intrigue spiced with hot blood.” —Publishers Weekly

“Yarbro's latest installment featuring her compassionate and sophisticated vampiric hero offers a rich, detailed look at a complex time in Europe's history.” —Library Journal

Communion Blood is a heady, intoxicating blend of historical fiction and subtle horror. Yarbro expertly mixes historical figures with fictional characters, painting a vibrant picture of 17th-century Rome in all of its power, grandeur, and decadence.” —Voice of Youth Advocates

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About the author

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's interests range from music--she composes and has studied seven different instruments as well as voice--to history, from horseback riding to needlepoint. Her writing is similarly wide-ranging; under her own name and pseudonyms, she has written everything from westerns to mysteries, from science fiction to nonfiction history.

Yarbro's critically-acclaimed historical horror novels featuring the Count Saint-Germain, including Hotel Transylvania, A Feast in Exile, Communion Blood, and Night Blooming, have a loyal readership. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has always lived in California and currently makes her home in the Berkeley area.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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