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Frank Clevenger (Volume 3)

Keith Russell Ablow

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Dr. Frank Clevenger, a brilliant forensic psychiatrist, is eager to leave the world of the criminally insane behind-until he receives a chilling phone call. Close friend and former colleague North Anderson, now the Chief of Police on the exclusive island of Nantucket, is desperate for help in solving a shocking case: One of the infant twin daughters of billionaire Darwin Bishop has been murdered in her crib at the family's estate. The suspected killer is her adopted brother Billy, and investigators believe that the fugitive teenager has targeted the surviving twin.

But as Clevenger maps the Bishop family's psychological layers he uncovers some disturbing revelations that lead him to believe Billy may be innocent. The Bishops are a deeply troubled family. As charming as he is ambitious and cruel, Darwin seems determined to protect his son-but is he actually trying to railroad him? Why does Garret, Bishop's other son, despise his father so intensely? Is beautiful Julia Bishop a mother grieving for her murdered child or a manipulative seductress with a dark secret to hide?

As Clevenger fights to protect the innocent and hunt down the guilty, aspects of the case begin to collide with demons from his own past. After a life-threatening attack the forensic psychiatrist knows he must penetrate the killer's psychosis in order to identify him before the Bishop family-and Clevenger himself-become the next victims. Using his mastery of psychiatry, Clevenger lays a trap to reveal the murderer in an unforgettable finale.



Saturday, June 22, 2002

Lilly Cunningham looked up. I melted. She was twenty-nine years old, with pale blue eyes to get lost in. Her blond, curly hair would make any man want to touch it. Her...


Praise for Compulsion

“...Ablow writes like a man possessed - with a pace so blistering the pages will all but singe your hands.” —Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River

Compulsion is another really good book by Keith Ablow: compelling, graceful, and nearly impossible to put down.” —Robert Parker, author of Widow's Walk

“It's a roller coaster of a mystery with hairpin twists and turns that shock and astonish.” —Tess Gerritsen, author of The Surgeon

“Keith Ablow's setting is the darkest of all-the twists and turns of the human mind...Great Psychological suspense.” —Harlan Coben, author of Gone for Good

“This is a dark, taut, terrifying novel, driven by a talented psychiatrist's insights into the human condition.” —Michael Palmer, author of Fatal

“Fast-paced and frightening, Compulsion is a novel that explores the very nature of evil itself.” —Janet Evanovich, author of Hard Eight

“...mesmerizing...tense and sexy...With deft intelligence, Ablow maps the torturous terrain of the darkest regions of the human heart.” —James Hall, author of Blackwater Sound

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About the author

Keith Russell Ablow

Keith Ablow received his medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and completed his psychiatric residence at New England Medical Center in Boston. A forensic psychiatrist, he serves as an expert witness in legal cases involving violence and has evaluated and treated murderers, gang members and sexual offenders for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. His essays on psychiatry and society have appeared in The Baltimore Sun, the Boston Herald, Discover, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report and The Washington Post. He is the author of several works of nonfiction and of the novels Denial, Projection and Compulsion, and Psychopath. Ablow lives in the Boston area.

Keith Russell Ablow MD

Keith Russell Ablow MD

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