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Coswell's Guide to Tambralinga

Coswell's Guide to Tambralinga

A Novel

Scott Landers

Farrar, Straus and Giroux




A sure-handed fiction debut takes a darkly comic and unsettling look at the quest for adventure in exotic lands

In a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, Conrad and Lucy Shermer embark on a second honeymoon in the fashionably exotic--and politically volatile--Southeast Asian nation of Tambralinga. They soon separate, Lucy (guidebook in hand) in quest of authentic cultural experience on the mainland while Conrad searches a tourist island for an infamous brothel. From the outset, both expeditions are in danger of devolving into farce. Conrad, torn between his staid, paternal nature and his desire to play the libertine in this tropical setting, finds himself caught in a strange vortex of sexual and power politics, stumbling upon "authentic" experiences he'd sought to avoid. At the same time, Lucy's internal compass sends her on adventures quite beyond the parameters of her carefully plotted itinerary, forcing her to confront realities at odds with the romantic portrait promoted by her guidebook.
In this utterly unpredictable first novel, Scott Landers exposes with wry wit our cherished illusions about journeys of self-discovery and explores the changes that really do happen when we venture into the unknown.


Coswell's Guide To Tambralinga

Part One
That morning a certain phrase lodged itself in Conrad's head, a quote from the guidebook that began playing itself over and over like a refrain from...


Praise for Coswell's Guide to Tambralinga

Coswell's Guide to Tambralinga is a splendid first novel filled with comic adventure and human miscues. A wise and witty writer, Scott Landers cares about his characters' lives, and, despite their foibles, he makes us care too.” —Maxine Chernoff, author of A Boy In Winter, American Heaven, and Some of Her Friends That Year

Coswell's Guide to Tambralinga is sardonic, hilarious, and at times grotesque--a terrific read. Landers' intelligence and wit seem to actually spark from the pages of the book. This novel is downright cool.” —Toni Graham, author of The Daiquiri Girls

About the author

Scott Landers

Scott Landers's short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals. An extensive traveler, he lives in northern California.

Scott Landers

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