Holy See Trilogy (Volume 2 of 3)

Greg Tobin

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In this powerful sequel to Conclave, the acclaimed novel of the papacy, you will enter the shadowy corridors of the Vatican with the pope himself and go behind the scenes of the debates and intrigues that affect the lives of one billion Catholics around the world.

Council is the riveting story of the first American-born pope, who sends shock waves throughout the Catholic Church when he summons a new ecumenical council, or gathering of the world's bishops - the first since the revolutionary Vatican II in the 1960s. His mission: to bring crucial, long-needed changes to the life of the Church he loves.

Council is the passionate story of the men and women who are drawn into the maelstrom of faith and politics, passion and power. The pope who faces the most difficult crisis of his life . . . a beautiful journalist who loves a priest . . . a powerful Irish cardinal who bitterly opposes the pope's call for a council . . . a South American businessman who once served in a death squad . . . an American priest who is torn from his troubled parish to play a role in the pope's dream . . . all are front line soldiers in the battle of good against evil.

Council is the intimate, detailed look at the daily life and the crushing responsibilities of the papacy, as conflict and conspiracies whirl around the controversial figure of Celestine VI, the surprise choice of the cardinals in the aftermath of a terrorist assassination of a beloved pope. Told with authority and sensitivity, insight and knowledge, Council is a story you'll never forget.

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Jersey City, New Jersey, September 11, 2001
The archbishop, a lean, almost ascetic figure, tall with broad shoulders that filled out the flowing emerald-colored Chasuble, bowed deeply toward the altar in a gesture of obeisance and reverence as he deliberately pronounced the words that sacred Tradition and Scripture attribute of Jesus Himself: “This is my body.” He paused for a heartbeat, then continued: “Which will be given up for you.” Timothy John Cardinal Mulrennan lifted the host, a thin water of unleavened bread that had, with his

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“A gripping read.”—Kirkus Reviews

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Greg Tobin

Greg Tobin is an award-winning Catholic author of popular fiction and nonfiction. A former editor and senior publishing executive, he is currently a full-time writer. He is a graduate of Yale University. Tobin lives with his wife and sons in South Orange, New Jersey.

Greg Tobin


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August 2002
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ISBN: 9781429981866
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336 pages

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