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Creed's Law

Creed's Law

The Texas Anthem Series: Book 5

The Texas Anthem Series (Volume 5)

Kerry Newcomb

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Billy Anthem is a long way from Texas when he comes to the Pacific Coast town of Calamity Bay. On his way north, Billy survives a bushwhacking and ends up deputized by a sheriff who needs someone to trust. For a decade, Calamity Bay has been in the grip of one man. Following a brutal murder, Noah Creed and his sons want a murder suspect hanged--no matter what the evidence shows, no matter what the law says.

Bound by a promise, and more than a little interested in a woman, Billy knows this is no time to be moving on. But he doesn't know how explosive the truth is, or how desperate the Creeds really are. Now, for a Texan a long way from, there's only one choice: to be armed and ready for anything--in a place where he belongs...



The bullet whipped past Billy's ear and fanned his cheek. A cat couldn't have reacted any faster. His right foot slid out of the stirrup before Rosie could shy. His right had jerked the Winchester '73 from its saddle holster. Billy...


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Kerry Newcomb

Kerry Newcomb was born in Milford, Connecticut, but had the good fortune to be raised in Texas. He has served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and taught at the St. Labre Mission School on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana. Mr. Newcomb has written plays, film scripts, commercials, liturgical dramas, and over thirty novels under both his own name and a variety of pseudonyms. He lives with his family in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Kerry Newcomb

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