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Darker Jewels

Darker Jewels

A Novel of the Count Saint-Germain

St. Germain (Volume 7)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's immortal vampire, the Comte de Saint-Germain, is one of the most popular characters of his kind ever created. Publishers Weekly has called him a "veritable Prince Charming of the darker arts."

In Darker Jewels the Count is sent by the King Of Poland to the court of Russia's Ivan IV, to use his alchemical skills to craft unearthly gems for the mad emperor. there he finds not only dark intrigue and heart-stopping danger, but a breathtakingly beautiful woman to whom he loses his heart.



As he rubbed his face, Istvan Bathory tried to banish the fatigue that was consuming him; he had three more audiences to give before attending evening Mass. He concealed a sigh and smoothed his beard. What he longed for...


Praise for Darker Jewels

“Anyone who has read this book in this wonderful series will want to read them all.” —David Morrell, author of First Blood

“In her rich and complex tale of the further wandering of the immortal vampire known as Ferenc Rakoczy (Count) Saint-Germain, Yarbro brings to vivid life the dark and bloody 16th-century court of Ivan IV, or more commonly, Ivan the Terrible....Underlying this absorbing and historically accurate work is a deep melancholy, reflecting both the immortal vampire's lost past and the tortured workings of the Russian soul.” —Publishers Weekly

Darker Jewels is a fascinating addition to the canon. Set in the Russian empire of the 1580s, it tells of Saint-Germain's journey into that mysterious land and of his sojourn there as a representative of Istvan Bathory, King of Poland. it is a story of history, intrigue, politics, religion, love, and violence, blended with the expert touch Yarbro's fans have come to expect....Yarbro has told her complex tale in rich beautiful language, and in the telling stitched historic fact and fantasy so neatly together that the seams are impossible to detect.” —West Coast Review of Books

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About the author

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's interests range from music--she composes and has studied seven different instruments as well as voice--to history, from horseback riding to needlepoint. Her writing is similarly wide-ranging; under her own name and pseudonyms, she has written everything from westerns to mysteries, from science fiction to nonfiction history.

Yarbro's critically-acclaimed historical horror novels featuring the Count Saint-Germain, including Hotel Transylvania, A Feast in Exile, Communion Blood, and Night Blooming, have a loyal readership. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has always lived in California and currently makes her home in the Berkeley area.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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