Dark Passage

Dark Mirror (Volume 2)

M. J. Putney

St. Martin's Griffin

The Irregulars return home to 1803 England safely, but their worldview has changed.  Not only have their heroic efforts at Dunkirk given them pride and confidence but their dangerous mission has increased their magical powers. 

Tory delights in the ever deepening bond she shares with Allarde until she discovers how powerfully he is connected to his ancient family estate—the lands he will not inherit unless he denies his magical powers and chooses a nonmagical mate. If Tory really loves him, she must walk away—but does she have the strength to leave the love of her life?

Cynthia’s heroic efforts at Dunkirk have won her the respect of the Irregulars, but her sharp tongue keeps everyone at a distance. Isolated and very alone at Lackland Abbey over the Christmas holidays, she reluctantly agrees to join Jack Rainford and his family for their celebration even though they’re commoners, far below her own noble rank. The warm welcome of the Rainfords makes her feel happier and more accepted than she has ever been. But she can’t possibly be falling in love with flirtatious Jack! Can she?

Then the Irregulars are drawn into a dangerous attempt to rescue a vitally important French scientist from Nazi-occupied France. Tory and Allarde must work together because countless lives are at stake. Disaster strikes and not only is their mission threatened, but their very lives. Can magic and their loyalty to each other help them survive to return home? 

Find out in Dark Passage--M.J. Putney's thrilling follow-up to Dark Mirror.


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England, June 1940

Traveling through time was not for the faint of heart. Lady Victoria Mansfield wiped damp palms on her skirt as she contemplated being torn into screaming pieces, dragged through a magic mirror, and dropped one hundred thirty-seven years in the past, exhausted and ravenous. But this was the only way home.
She surveyed her friends. “Everyone ready to brave Merlin’s mirror again?”
There was a mutter of assent, with Lady Cynthia Stanton’s edgy “I want to get this over with!” the clearest comment.


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"...the action and the magic keep flowing to keep readers engaged and suspense high.... The suspenseful story combined with paranormal romance works well, with the exciting history lesson as an added bonus."
--Kirkus Reviews
"The same delightful blend of love, magic, adventure and irresistible characters readers love to visit with. Putney’s sequel leaves nothing to be desired — except a third book! I enjoy visiting this universe every time and I cannot wait for more."
--RT Book Reviews

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DARK PASSAGE by Mary Jo Putney | Kirkus Book Reviews
Read the Kirkus Review of DARK PASSAGE . The romance and the action keep zooming along in this first sequel to Putney's Dark Mirror (2011).
- Kirkus Reviews

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  • M. J. Putney is the author of the young adult fantasy novel Dark Mirror. As Mary Jo Putney, she is the New York Times bestselling author of historical romances. M. J. is fond of reading, cats, travel, and most of all, great stories.
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