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Dave Barry's Bad Habits

Dave Barry's Bad Habits

A 100% Fact-Free Book

written by Dave Barry

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If you're not already acquainted--nay, infatuated--with the works of the man who the New York Times calls "the funniest man in America," you can get cracking right now with this all-time favorite collection of Dave Barry's humor columns. Dave Barry's Bad Habits won't rot your teeth, cause your insurance premiums to go up, or make your kids go cross-eyed if they sit too close to it. It will, however, make you laugh so hard your middle actually moves (the best exercise, and possibly the only kind you'll be interested in after forty). Here, preserved for all time, are Barry's profoundest musings on such topics as how to get kids to stop smoking (eliminate tenth grade), what to do if your car is making loud noises (turn up the radio), and a solution to the battle of the sexes (let the men do housework, say, for the next six thousand years to even things up). Together they serve to expose the little insanities of everyday life and assure us that we're not completely alone in a world gone mad.


Praise for Dave Barry's Bad Habits

Bad Habits--funny book. Read it.” —Gannett News Service

“Dave Barry is nothing less thatn the smart-aleck Peter Pan of American letters.” —the Seattle Times

“Dave Barry is the guru of guffaws.” —the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“He has the ability to charm us with nonsense so compelling that it almost makes sense.” —Houston Chronicle

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About the author

written by Dave Barry

A Pulitzer Prize-winning former syndicated columnist at the Miami Herald, Dave Barry is the author of many funny books, including Dave Barry Talks Back and Dave Barry Does Japan, and co-author of the young adult series Peter and the Starcatchers.

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