Dead Soul

Charlie Moon Mysteries (Volume 8)

James D. Doss

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Where Colorado's border pushes against New Mexico, autumn is short. Rancher and tribal investigator Charlie Moon has fat cattle and a prowling cougar that demand his attention. He doesn't have the time to investigate the assault that killed hard-drinking limo driver, Billy Smoke, and put his boss, a U.S. Senator, in a wheelchair. But Moon has an obligation to the People, the Southern Utes, to look into the murder of one of their own. The FBI couldn't solve the case. Now Moon can walk the same paths and get to the same place. Or he can listen to his acid-tongued Aunt Daisy, a tribal shaman as well as a thorn in Moon's side. She insists a distraught red-haired girl is looking for Charlie. It may be about Billy Smoke's murder. Or-since this involves Aunt Daisy-the girl may be looking for a justice of her own.


Praise for Dead Soul

"Doss does for the Utes what Tony Hillerman has done for the Navajo."- Denver Post

"Doss has reproduced the land of the Southern Colorado Utes with vivid affection." -Dallas Morning News

"Doss could be accused of poaching in Tony Hillerman territory...but Doss mixes mysticism and murder with his own unmistakable touch." -Orlando Sentinel

More Praise For James D. Doss's Charlie Moon Mysteries
"Although less well known than other Native American-based mystery series, the Charlie Moon novels are quickly rising to the top of the pack. Doss has a fine comic touch-playing off Moon's laconic wit against Daisy's flamboyant personality-and he just may be the best of the bunch at seamlessly integrating anthropological and spiritual material into his stories."
-Booklist on White Shell Woman

"A dash of humor and a sprinkling of romance season Doss's eighth Charlie Moon mystery."
-Publishers Weekly

"Doss keeps ringing intriguing changes off the chords of his unusual premise: former Southern Ute police officer Charlie Moon, now a Colorado rancher, solves crimes as a special tribal investigator while sparring with his cantankerous Aunt Daisy, a Ute shaman, who scoffs at Charlie's obstinate refusal to acknowledge the supernatural nature of the universe...Hillerman gets the most press, but Doss mixes an equally potent brew of crime and Native American spirituality."-Booklist

"This latest story, one of pure-handed suspense...makes us deeply eager for the next."

"Hillerman gets the most press, but Doss mixes an equally potent brew of crime and Native American spirituality."--Booklist

"Lyrical and he gets the sardonic, macho patter between men down cold. The finale is heartfelt and unexpected, and a final confrontation stuns with its violent and confessional precision."
--Providence Journal Bulletin

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  • James D. Doss

  • James D. Doss is the author of the Charlie Moon mysteries, including A Dead Man’s Tale and The Widow’s Revenge. Two of the Moon books were named one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly. Originally from Kentucky, he divides his time between Los Alamos and Taos, New Mexico.
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