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Bill Crawford

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If you think you've heard every dumb thing they've said or done...think again!

Outrageous indulgent, and downright dumb. That's right, we're talking aout the words and deeds committed by politicians, our favorite and least favorite people in the whole world. In this hilarious collections, it's he Democrats who step up to the mike, open their mouths, and insert their collective feet.
Democrats do the dumbest things. Just ask any Republican who might wonder how Senator Ted Kennedy, whose legacy may have as much to do with his partying as with his party affiliation, kept his pants on long enough to serve the public. When Ted was photographed atop a twenty-two year old woman on a speed boat, a fellow senator quipped, "Well Teddy, I see you've changed your position on offshore drilling."
You'll howl with laughter and wince in pain at the musguided actions, bizarre statements, and embarrassing moments of notable Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Rev. Al B. Sharpton, Ed Koch, Gary Hart, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jerry Brown, Lyndon Johnson, and of course, Bill Clinton. Find out the latest from presidential campaign 2000--namely what are Al Gore and local Democratic "loonies" doing to keep the "dumb hall of fame" from running out of members?

Highlights include:

After the Chicago Bulls won their sixth NBA championship in 1998 Vice President Al Gore gushed, "I tell you that Michael Jackson is unbelievable isn't he?"
John F. Kennedy had this to say about aging: "There are two naked girls in the room, but I'm sitting here reading The Wall Street Journal. Does that mean I'm getting old?"
Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry once said, "Outside of the killing, we have one of the lowest crime rates in the country."

These funny, edgy examinations of crazy political antics are sure to be as controversial as they are entertaining. Democrats will hate them. Republicans will love them. And everyone will want to read more.

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DUMBEST QUOTES“Outside of the killing, we have one of
the lowest crime rates in the country.”
 ORIGIN: Born Marion S. Barry Jr., March 6, 1936, Itta Bena, Mississippi.
 FORMATIVE YEARS: LeMoyne College, B.S., 1958; Fisk University, M.A., 1960.
 FAMILY PLANNING: Married Blantie C. Evans (student), 1962; divorced, 1969; married Mary Treadwell (phone company manager), 1973; divorced, 1976; married Effi Slaughter Cowell (teacher), 1977; divorced; married Cora Masters (Washington, D.

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Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford has written for the Austin Chronicle, Texas Monthly, and Oklahoma Today. He is the author of Republicans Do the Dumbest Things, Stevie Ray Vaughan: Caught in the Crossfire, and Border Radio. He lives in Austin, Texas.

Bill Crawford


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Democrats do the Dumbest Things
Bill Crawford

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St. Martin's Press
Renaissance Books
April 2011
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ISBN: 9781429972581
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160 pages

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