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Dictionary of Natural Healing

Dictionary of Natural Healing

Your First Stop for Facts on Complementary Medicine

Deborah R. Mitchell

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Find out about the newest natural remedies and what they can do for you!

With the hundreds of complementary treatments available today, this new, up-to-the-minute A-Z reference lets you quickly and easily investigate all the natural approaches for your health needs. Whether you've wondered about the mind-body healing methods of SHEN (Specific Human Energy nexus) and Reiki, or been intrigued by alternative approaches to illness, such as using glucosamine sulfate or cayenne in arthritis therapy, Deborah R. Mitchell's Dictionary of Natural Healing gives you all the information you need to know in a concise, comprehensive format.

Filled with fascinating facts and covering over 250 subjects, the Dictionary of Natural Healing is an essential volume for anyone interested in alternative therapies and a holistic approach to health.

Each entry includes:

- Definition, Pronunciation and other spellings
- Conditions for which the therapy or product is used
- How it is performed or applied
- Cross-references

Plus, appendices provide helpful facts on...

- Finding a qualified practitioner in dozens of specialties
- Product information
- Further reading and reference materials

About the author

Deborah R. Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell is the author of several titles in a natural healing series, including Natural Medicine for Diabetes, Natural Medicine for Back Pain, and Natural Medicine for Weight Loss. She also co-authored, with Paula Maas, D.O., M.D. (H), The "Natural Health" Guide to Headache Relief. She has worked for Internal Medicine World Report, Geriatrics Medicine News & Reports, Grand Times, Tucson Lifestyle, and several other prominent medical journals, newspapers, and magazines. She also writes a monthly column for Internal Medicine World Report called "Medical Challenges for the 90's." She lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Deborah R. Mitchell

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