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Dirty Girls on Top

Dirty Girls on Top

A Novel

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

The Dirty Girls are back, saucier and sexier than ever….but are they any wiser?

Lauren is at the top of her game as a newspaper columnist—but her romantic life is a total disaster. Usnavys is still ready for action—from anyone except her husband Juan, that is—his role as stay-at-home dad bores her.

Maybe the other Dirty Girls could help Lauren and ‘navy out, but they've got their own messes to deal with: Rebecca hasn't gained a pound since college (well, who would, if they had an ounce of self-control?) but now that she has a picture-perfect marriage, all that's missing is a baby; Sara may be the star of her own decorating show on TV, but her dangerous pull toward her ex-husband isn't so pretty; Amber keeps reinventing herself and doesn't want to hear that it isn't enough to make fans buy her music; and Elizabeth is discovering that a relationship with another woman takes more than bravery and a nesting instinct.

Dirty Girls on Top is about trying to figure it all out—sex, love, careers, friendship, motherhood. And, in the end, if your fingers are crossed and the planets are in alignment, having it come out just the way it should.


Praise for Dirty Girls on Top

“Madcap, full-of-heart adventure.” —Redbook

“Passionate and provocative.” —Publishers Weekly

“Fast-paced, sexy tale.” —The Los Angeles Times

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About the author

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez is an award-winning journalist who is the author of five novels. She was named one of today's twenty-five most influential Hispanics by Time magazine. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

Photo: Anna Peña

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