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Divine Interventions

Divine Interventions

True Stories of Mysteries and Miracles That Change Lives

Dan Millman and Doug Childers; Read by Dan Millman

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ISBN: 9781593970390


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A "spiritual X-Files" of documented stories providing compelling evidence that our world is far more complex and miraculous than it appears

Throughout recorded history miracles have happened. Many brilliant leaders and thinkers, including Einstein, have attested to the power of intuition and the existence of a universal mind to which all are connected. Divine Interventions details a stirring collection of stories and testimonies involving divine guidance, healing, sacred interventions, and miracles received by people past and present, as well as the remarkable outcomes of those events.

Dan Millman, one of the world's best-known spiritual writers, offers people hope and inspiration through stories that are nothing short of miraculous. Hear wondrous accounts of:
• the experiences of out-of-body pioneer Robert Monroe and others like him
• the birth of mysticism in the writings of Carl Jung and Walt Whitman
• a woman's surrender to death and astonishing rebirth in a raging inferno

This audio program illuminates the power of faith in the face of death, illness, and insurmountable odds, and the ability of the divine to change ordinary lives into extraordinary ones.


Praise for Divine Interventions

“Illuminating testimony to the presence of miracles in our everyday lives. A fascinating read--and a gift to us all.” —Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and Illuminata

About the author

Dan Millman and Doug Childers; Read by Dan Millman

Dan Millman is the author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Everyday Enlightenment. His works have inspired and guided millions worldwide in twenty-two languages. Dan and his family reside in northern California.

Doug Childers is co-author of the critically acclaimed book The White-Haired Girl and has edited or collaborated on numerous books in the fields of psychology and spirituality. Doug resides with his life-collaborator, author Jaia Sun-Childers, in northern California.

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