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The Complete Guide for Men and Women

Mel Krantzler, Ph.D., Melvin Belli, with Christopher S. Taylor

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

This is the one-step guide for all the problems you must confront. Whether you are just realizing your marriage must come to an end, or are embarking on your new life as a single person, or are at any stage in between, Divorcing reassuringly and clearly answers all the vexing questions-emotional, legal, financial-you are facing.

Mel Krantzler, Ph.D., America's foremost divorce psychologist, offers uplifting advice to bring you through the emotional turmoil of divorce and let you use it as an opportunity for personal growth. His techniques for dealing with stress, coping with estrangement from spouse and children, and forming new relationships have brought Dr. Krantzler's many clients to new levels of confidence and self-esteem.

Melvin M. Belli, Sr., the renowned trial attorney, gives you the same counsel his famous clients pay thousands of dollars for: How to choose the right lawyer, protect your finances, obtain the best conditions for custody and visitation, and keep your new relationships from adversely affecting child custody and support.

Thoroughly up-to-date, Divorcing is one source that will keep you together, even if your marriage is breaking up.


Praise for Divorcing

“An up book, long on optimism and hope.” —Los Angeles Times

“Required reading for anyone contemplating a divorce...Readers needing sound, well written, and practical advice will find it here.” —Library Journal

“The most comprehensive, practical and clearly written book I've ever seen on the subject.” —The Woman's Newspaper

“Comprehensive, caring, and compassionate, wise and practical.” —Eda LeShan

About the author

Mel Krantzler, Ph.D., Melvin Belli, with Christopher S. Taylor

Melvin M. Belli, Sr., is one of the world's foremost trial lawyers. A graduate of the University of California's Boalt School of Law, Mr. Belli has made his international reputation with many famous cases and has earned the title "King of Torts." He has also worked on many divorce cases, including divorces of Rita Hayworth, Barbara Hutton, Martha and John Mitchell, Nick Nolte, and others. He is the author of sixty-two other books on the law, including, most recently, The Belli Files: Reflections of the Wayward Law; Everybody's Guide to the Law; and the five-volume revised edition of Modern Trials. Mr. Belli continues to make his home and practice law in San Francisco.

Psychologist Mel Krantzler, Ph.D., who is a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), is internationally recognized as the outstanding authority on the psychology of divorce. He is he author of the best-selling Creative Divorce, which has sold more than two million copies since its first publication, as well as two other bestselling books: Creative Marriage and Learning to Love Again. Dr. Krantzler has been an innovator in teaching courses on divorce in colleges throughout the country, and in originating divorce group counseling; he is currently the director of the Creative Divorce, Love and Marriage Counseling Center, located in San Rafael, California.

Christopher S. Taylor, an attorney with extensive experience in divorce and related areas of the law, lives in Oakland, California.

Mel Krantzler Ph.D.

Melvin Belli

Melvin Belli

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