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Dodger and Me

Dodger and Me

Dodger and Me (Volume 1)

Jordan Sonnenblick

Square Fish


A boy's imaginary friend is driving him crazy in Dodger and Me, the first installment of a hilarious new series by acclaimed author Jordan Sonnenblick.

What would you do if your best friend was:
1. Imaginary?
2. An oversize blue chimp in surfer shorts? (Potentially embarrassing, but hey, no one else can see him . . . right?)
3. Proposing a plan to help you improve your life?
4. Did we say imaginary?
5. Driving you crazy?!?!

Now you have an idea of what Willie Ryan's life is like when he meets Dodger. It's the beginning of a lot of trouble—and a friendship you'll never forget!

Illinois Bluestem Book Award ML, Louisiana YR Choice Book Award Master List

Okay, I was unpopular. But was I so amazingly unpopular that I needed a magical blue chimp for a best friend? Quite possibly. "Me? Are you sure you have the right kid?" "If you're Willie Ryan, of Seven Lamplighter Lane, I have the right kid....

Praise for Dodger and Me

“The humor will draw kids including Dodger's off-the-wall dialogue and the outlandish predicaments that result when he decides to ‘help.' The story grows increasingly engaging as Willie starts moving toward what he really wants.” —Booklist

“Baseball fans will enjoy this novel.” —School Library Journal

“It is roll on the floor funny with several nice messages tucked in for good measure.” —Brenda Kahn, Librarian, Haworth Public School (NJ)

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Jordan Sonnenblick

Jordan Sonnenblick is the author of the acclaimed teen novels Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie, Notes from the Midnight Driver, and Zen and the Art of Faking It. In addition to being a writer, he's a middle-school English teacher, and would never penalize one of his students for bringing an imaginary friend to school.

Jordan lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with his wife and their two children. If he's ever had an imaginary friend, he's not telling!

Square Fish

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