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Dogs Who Smile

Dogs Who Smile

The Happiest Hounds Around

Virginia Woof

St. Martin's Griffin


Can dogs really smile? It's a bone of contention, but yes, they can!

Dogs Who Smile is jam-packed with ludicrously funny photos of the happiest hounds around. From beaming Border Collies and delighted Dachshunds, to laughing Labradors and cheerful Chihuahuas, some pooches love their dog's life so much they've got to smile about it. Filled with uproarious captions like:

- "Quick! Dude! YouTube this!"
- My bite is worse than my bark. Mwah-ha-ha!
- Well somebody's gotta use mum's fitness DVD...
- Just smile and it'll soon be over...
- I call this my 'pug shot'
- Who. Are. You. Calling. A. Sausage?!

Guaranteed to make you howl with laughter, this is a must for any dog lover.

A laugh-out-loud funny collection of photographs of dogs that have the ability to smile

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Virginia Woof


Virginia Woof

St. Martin's Griffin

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