Down in the Flood

Danny Chaisson Series (Volume 3)

Kenneth Abel

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All the top crime writers agree that Kenneth Abel is a spectacular writer: “A gripper all the way,” says Elmore Leonard. “A stunning achievement,” declares James Lee Burke. “Brilliant,” says Robert B. Parker. And now with Down in the Flood, former New Orleans prosecutor Danny Chaisson is back in a third electrifying thriller.

Danny Chaisson's latest case is bid-rigging. But as his investigation proceeds, a gathering storm named Katrina blasts his world apart.

Surrounded by death and the destruction of the city he loves, Danny searches for one man who’d trusted Chaisson to guard his identity when he agreed to testify before a federal grand jury investigating corruption in the city’s construction industry.  But someone has leaked the identity of this crucial witness, and as the city begins to empty before the approaching storm, Danny learns that a pair of corrupt policemen hired by the wealthy defendants in the case have begun stalking his client.

Cut off from escape, and unsure whom he can trust, Chaisson’s client has gone into hiding in the city’s Ninth Ward, where he grew up. Now Danny must race against time, a pair of relentless professional killers, and the rising flood waters to save the man who’d counted on him.

But can Danny save one man as a whole city dies?


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"Shoot me, please."

Danny leaned back in his chair, looked at the stack of deposition summaries scattered across the desk in front of him. August in New Orleans, and the ancient window air conditioner in his small office was straining to keep up with the thick blanket of moist heat that lay across the city. He’d been struggling to keep his eyes open for the last hour, as he made his way through six different accounts of a car accident up on Carrollton Avenue between a van full of Guatemalan restaurant workers and a soccer mom in a Range Rover



Praise for Down in the Flood

Unanimous Praise for the Works of Kenneth Abel

“Outstanding . . . strikes with hurricane force, leaving plenty of shattered truisms in its wake. Brilliantly executed.”
- Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Down in the Flood

"Both a gripping crime thriller about human greed and a tribute to the people of New Orleans. Readers who enjoyed James Lee Burke's own take on Katrina, The Tin Roof Blowdown, may want to try this one."
- Library Journal (starred review) on Down in the Flood

"A gripper all the way."
- Elmore Leonard on Bait

"Stunningly impressive . . . promises to have enthusiastic critics likening him to Lawrence Block, George Higgins, Elmore Leonard, Robert Parker, and other masters."
- Kirkus Reviews on Bait

"A fascinating page-turner in the tradition of John Grisham and Greg Iles."
- Library Journal on The Burying Field

"A stunning achievement."
- James Lee Burke on Bait

"Solid . . . a tough-minded, intelligent, complex novel."
- Donald E. Westlake on Bait

- Robert B. Parker on Bait

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  • Kenneth Abel

  • Kenneth Abel is the author of the highly praised Bait and The Blue Wall. Down in the Flood is his third in the critically acclaimed Danny Chaisson thriller series; previous titles include Cold Steel Rain and The Burying Field. He lives in Columbus, Ohio.



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Danny Chaisson Series

Kenneth Abel

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