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Dragonar Academy Vol. 2

Dragonar Academy Vol. 2

Dragonar Academy (Volume 2)

Story by Shiki Mizuchi; Art by Ran

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback


Ash Blake, a student at Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, has the unique ability to ride anyone's dragon. His own dragon, Eco, is even more unusual than he is: for unknown reasons, she was born in the form of a beautiful girl!

Ash hasn't had much time to figure out the mystery of Eco's appearance. Ansullivan is under attack by a kind of dragon no one's ever seen before—one that smells like death and regenerates when injured. As if that's not enough for a young dragon rider to deal with, the student council is recruiting, and a tempestuous member of the royal family is about to pay Ansullivan a fateful visit.


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About the author

Story by Shiki Mizuchi; Art by Ran

Shiki Mizuchi is a Japanese light novel author best known for Dragonar Academy.

Ran is a Japanese manga artist who wrote and illustrated Maid War Chronicle and worked with writer Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima) as the artist on Mao-chan.

Shiki Mizuchi