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Eating Between the Lines

Eating Between the Lines

The Supermarket Shopper's Guide to the Truth Behind Food Labels

Kimberly Lord Stewart

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

So many labels, so little time—just tell me what to buy!
If you—like millions of other Americans—still don't know how to read food labels and are frustrated by the hundreds of nutrition and health claims as well as statements like free-range and grassfed, it's time to learn what you're really putting into your body…find out how to select the most healthy foods at the supermarket and still get dinner on the table by 6:00 pm with EATING BETWEEN THE LINES

Shopping is no longer as simple as deciding what's for dinner. Food labels like "organic," "natural," "low carb," and "fat free!" scream out at you from every aisle at the supermarket. Some claims are certified by authoritative groups such as the FDA and USDA, but much of our country's nutrition information is simply a marketing ploy. If you want to know what food labels really mean—and what they could mean to your health—EATING BETWEEN THE LINES will explain why:

--Chickens labeled "free range" may never actually see daylight
--Organic seafood may be a misnomer.
--The words "hormone-free" on pork, eggs and poultry is meaningless
--"Low fat" cookies and "heart-healthy" cereals may contain heart damaging trans-fatty acids

…and more. Organized by supermarket section, from the vegetable aisle to the dairy case, EATING BETWEEN THE LINES also features more than seventy actual food labels and detachable shopping lists for your convenience—and to help bring the best food to the table for you and your family.


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Kimberly Lord Stewart

KIMBERLY LORD STEWART is a contributor for Natural Home Magazine and editor-in-chief of Dining Out Magazine. The recipient of two Association of Food Journalists awards for Food News Reporting in 2004 and the Jesse Neal Business Journalism Award in 2002. Stewart regularly contributes to Alternative Health, Better Nutrition, Delicious Living, Denver Post, Eating Well, Vegetarian Times, and numerous other publications.

Kimberly Lord Stewart

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