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Enchantress of Paris

Enchantress of Paris

A Novel of the Sun King’s Court

Marci Jefferson

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The alignment of the stars at Marie Mancini's birth warned that although she would be gifted at divination, she was destined to disgrace her family. Nonetheless, Cardinal Mazarin brings his niece to the opulent French court, where the forbidden occult arts thrive in secret. In France, Marie discovers that her powerful uncle rules, using Marie's sister Olympia to hold the Sun King, Louis XIV, in thrall.

Desperate to avoid her mother's dying wish that she spend her life in a convent, Marie burns her grimoire, trading Italian superstitions for polite sophistication. As her star rises, King Louis becomes enchanted by Marie's charm. Sensing a chance to grab even greater power, Cardinal Mazarin pits the sisters against each other, showering Marie with diamonds and silks in exchange for bending King Louis to his will.

Disgusted by Mazarin's ruthlessness, Marie rebels. She sacrifices everything, but exposing Mazarin's darkest secret threatens to tear France apart. When even King Louis' love fails to protect Marie, she must summon her powers of divination.

Fraught with conspiracy and passion, Enchantress of Paris is a captivating historical novel about a woman whose love was more powerful than magic.



Palais du Louvre, Paris

December 1656

Servants struggled under heavy black mourning velvet, draping it across gilt-framed paintings and tapestries that adorned our uncle's apartment at the Palais du Louvre...


Praise for Enchantress of Paris

“Jefferson's intoxicating first novel superbly draws readers into the mischief and maneuverings, loyalties and treacheries, and lust and hostility of powerful 17th century kings and scheming court sycophants....this is an exciting, solid debut.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Girl on the Golden Coin

“This small leap from the Tudors is a must-read for Alison Weir-Philippa Gregory fans.” —Booklist on Girl on the Golden Coin

“Written with spirit and insight, the novel reveals both the glamour and the dirt of court life while peering into the soul of a woman who is one of the unsung heroines of English history.” —Historical Novels Review on Girl on the Golden Coin

“A novel as rich and golden as the coin she graced. Frances Stuart's face was truly her fortune and left its mark on history, a rare achievement.” —Margaret George, New York Times bestselling author of Elizabeth I: The Novel, on Girl on the Golden Coin

“A delicious story of court intrigues, affairs and vibrant personalities, Jefferson's novel is sure to please fans of historical fiction of all kinds.” —Madeline Hunter, New York Times bestselling author of The Counterfeit Mistress, on Girl on the Golden Coin

“As vibrant and delightful as the woman it's based on, Girl on the Golden Coin is a jewel of a novel!” —Michelle Moran, national bestselling author of The Second Empress

“Jefferson is an accomplished writer, and Girl on the Golden Coin is an excellent debut that sets a high standard for any future works.” —Roanoke Times

“Jefferson's first novel focuses on a woman and time that recent historical novelists have overlooked: Restoration England.” —Library Journal on Girl on the Golden Coin

“Frances makes an appealing heroine, by turns wary and passionate, sophisticated and innocent...Her struggles...make for lively, entertaining reading.” —Kate Quinn, national bestselling author of Mistress of Rome, on Girl on the Golden Coin

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About the author

Marci Jefferson

MARCI JEFFERSON graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College as a Registered Nurse. She is a member of the Historical Novel Society. Jefferson lives in Indiana with her husband and children.

Marci Jefferson



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