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Every Woman for Herself

Every Woman for Herself

A Novel

Trisha Ashley

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Charlotte—Charlie—Rhymer's husband wants a divorce. Charlie isn't sure what she wants, but after the incident with the frying pan, even she has to concede that their differences may be irreconcilable after all. Returning home to her native Yorkshire and the bosom of her family seemed like a good idea at the time. Even if Charlie's father has never quite forgiven Charlie or her siblings (Anne, Emily and Branwell) for failing to live up to their more literary (as in Bronte) namesakes.

Upvale Parsonage, the family home to which Charlie has retreated, is presided over by her sister Em. Em's hobbies are composing inspirational verses, dabbling in the Ancient Black Arts, and fighting off the incursions of Father's latest mistress. When the current mistress actually moves in, family loyalties are sorely tried. Still, Charlie is determined to bounce back from disaster and strike a blow for deserted older wives everywhere. But when she meets brooding actor Mace North, she realizes that when it comes to dating for the over-forty crowd, female solidarity be damned—it's every woman for herself!

Sure to delight both Bronte fans and readers who like a good laugh with their romance, Trisha Ashley's first book to be published in the United States is a welcome treat.


Praise for Every Woman for Herself

“Shrewd but gentle satire of various contemporary British types that never misses a beat. And it's wonderfully funny to boot.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Giggles, guffaws, chortles, and chuckles abound in Ashley's cleverly satirical send-up of upper-class British snobbery and soap-opear stardom that is truly laugh-out-loud funny.” —Booklist

“Trisha Ashley writes with remarkable wit and originality and has created a deliciously acerbic heroine... One of the best writers around!” —Katie Fforde, author of Highland Fling

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About the author

Trisha Ashley

Trisha Ashley is now a full-time novelist, but she has been known to work for stained glass makers and/or plumbers. She likes to paint, eat, drink, and read literary biographies. Her previous hobbies included getting divorced and packing to move. She claims to have once actually eaten Bronte burgers at the Branwell café, but her publisher declines to verify this. She lives in North Wales.

Trisha Ashley

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