Evil, Inc.

Glenn Kaplan

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Could an all-powerful CEO get away with the ultimate crime? Evil, Inc. is a ticking time bomb of a story that explodes the hottest issues in corporate America today.

Ken Olson’s world is shattered by a crime his company must cover up at any cost. Stripped of everything but his passion for justice, Olson discovers the dark and dangerous world behind the corporate jets—the hired killers who secretly do the corporation’s dirtiest work, the clandestine offshore bank accounts, and the greedy machinations of the lucky few at the top.

Olson’s struggle pits him against a host of deadly rivals—the psychopathic CEO who has hijacked the corner office, the brutal killer from the private military underworld, the network anchorwoman without a hint of conscience, the aristocrat who pulls the strings of power, and the hot young actress who makes sex a tool of deception.


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Chapter One

The crash sounded like a small bomb going off in the kitchen.

"Shit!" said Sandra Olson, watching the puddle of orange juice grow beneath the spout of the sippy cup.

"Sit! Sit! Sit!" little Sara cried with delight as she pounded the tray of her high chair.

Ken Olson looked up from his coffee and The Wall Street Journal as his wife and child engaged in that daily ritual of mortal combat called breakfast. "Sandy, are you trying to instill all your bad habits in our daughter before she turns three?"

Sandy knelt down with a paper towel to clean up the


Praise for Evil, Inc.

“Glenn Kaplan’s Evil, Inc. does what the best thrillers do—it’s half a step ahead of tomorrow’s headlines.”--James Patterson

“A shock-wave thriller, Evil, Inc. is a roaring, paranoid delight about the real killers in the boardroom.”--Janet Evanovich

“Kaplan takes kill-or-be-killed business ideologies to psychopathic new levels in this deftly plotted corporate thriller…It’s Donald Trump meets Hannibal Lecter, with highly engaging results.”--Publishers Weekly on Evil, Inc.

Evil, Inc. is a terrific, irresistible read.  Don’t start it if you have something to do the next day.”--Steven Brill, author of After and founder of Court TV and The American Lawyer

“Suspenseful, sexy, and as swift-moving as a wire transfer sweeping a million bucks around the globe in an instant.  Don’t miss it.”--William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Constitution on Evil, Inc.

“A gripping tale of battle for corporate control fought not with tender offers or proxies, but with murder and sabotage.  Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.”--Martin Lipton, founding partner of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz on Evil, Inc.

“A fine thriller ripped out of today’s Enron-like headlines.  When I finished Evil, Inc., I had a sense that I’d really learned something about corporate America and the men and women who run the show.”--David Hagberg, USA Today bestselling author of Dance With the Dragon

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  • Glenn Kaplan

  • GLENN KAPLAN is the author of two previous books set in the world of big business: The Big Time, a nonfiction look at how success really works, and All For Money, a novel.  He is a creative director in New York City, where he lives with his wife and son.

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