Book excerpt

The Metal Children

A Play

Adam Rapp

Faber & Faber

Metal Children, The
ACT ICHARACTERSTOBIN FALMOUTH, a novelist in his late thirties, disheveled, adrift 
BRUNO BINELLI, a feisty gay Italian-American book agent, mid-forties 
KONG, a teenage male pot dealer; a skater punk homeboy 
LYNNE, a woman of fifty who likes to party; tired 
EDITH DUNDEE, a woman in her fifties who runs a roadside motel; sweet 
STACEY KINSELLA, a progressive high school English teacher in his mid-thirties, at once fearless and terrified 
VERA DUNDEE, a young woman of sixteen; a precocious visionary 
COOPER, a young woman of sixteen; Vera's second-in-command 
BOY IN PORKY PIG MASK, a teenage boy; a bully 
OTTO HURLEY, a civic leader with a big booming voice, fifties 
TAMI LAKE, a young Christian woman of sixteen, God-fearing 
ROBERTA CUPP, a community leader of the Christian right, mid-forties; a widow 
NURSE, a young woman with a firm bedside manner 
BOY X, a high school freshman with an unusually high sperm count; eager to pleaseCopyright © 2010 by Adam Rapp

Adam Rapp is the author of numerous plays, including the Pulitzer Prize finalist Red Light Winter, and the novel The Year of Endless Sorrows (FSG, 2006). In 2005, his young adult novel The Buffalo Tree was censored by a school board in Reading, Pennsylvania.