Macmillan Childrens Publishing Group


Spellbinder (Volume 1)

Helen Stringer

Feiwel & Friends


"She's home!" Belladonna's father poked his head out of the sitting room. And that was the problem right there, really. Where most fathers would have poked their heads out of the sitting room door, Mr. Johnson poked his right through the middle of the wall.
"Did you bring the paper?"
Belladonna looked at him reprovingly. He immediately vanished back into the sitting room and reappeared in the doorway.
"Sorry," he said. "I forgot. Did you bring the paper?"
"Honestly, Dad, anyone passing by could've seen you through the window!" He took the paper and turned back into the sitting room with a shrug.
"No one can see me. Only you."
Belladonna followed him in, exasperated. "Gran can see you. Lots of people can see ghosts, you see them talking about it on TV all the time."
"Charlatans," muttered her father, settling down an inch above his favorite chair.