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Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray

The Uproar at the Front Door

Bad Kitty

Written and illustrated by Nick Bruel

Roaring Brook Press


Welcome to Pussycat Paradise, where everything you see is made entirely out of FOOD—food for your belly!
The mountains are made out of kibble. The trees are made out of sausages and bacon. Cans of cat food grow out of the ground. And the grass is made out of catnip.
Yes, Kitty! Eat! EAT! Food is everywhere! The rocks are made out of turkey and giblets. The dirt is made out of tuna fish. Even the rivers flow with beef gravy.
And the best part, of course, is that YOU are the only one here! No dogs to hound you. No people to make you take a bath. There is no one else here. Only you.
Be careful, Kitty. Don't touch that can. It's the only thing holding up that gigantic chicken liver.
OH NO! TOO LATE! The gigantic chicken liver is going to fall! Look out, Kitty! LOOK OUT!!
Sorry, Kitty. I hope I didn't wake you when I dropped the suitcase.
That's right, Kitty. We're going on a little trip. We'll be gone for a while
Sorry, Kitty. You're not going with us. You'll have to stay home with Puppy
Excerpted from Bad Kitty Vs Uncle Murray by Nick Bruel.
Copyright © 2010 by Nick Bruel.
Published in 2010 by Roaring Brook Press
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