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100 Questions You'd Never Ask Your Parents

Straight Answers to Teens' Questions About Sex, Sexuality, and Health

Elisabeth Henderson & Nancy Armstrong, M.D.

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What does an orgasm feel like?
You've asked one of the most common questions teens have, so be assured you're not alone in wondering.
An orgasm is the emotional and physical sensations that are felt at the end of sexual arousal when built-up muscle tension in the body is released. Put simply, it is the climax of the sensations that have been brought about by sexual excitement. Having an orgasm is also sometimes called "cumming."
If you ask ten people what an orgasm feels like, you might get ten different answers because orgasms are unique to each person. For some people, an orgasm involves the whole body—the heart races, the person may vocalize sounds or words, the muscles throughout the body may twitch, breathing can be heavy, and the person may feel flushed. For others, the feeling is more concentrated and remains in the areas of the vagina or penis. Although an orgasm will feel different to each person, it is a pleasurable feeling and often associated with euphoria and excitement. It has been described as feeling like a very strong tingling, pleasant and pulsating muscle contractions, or a warm throbbing.
When I have sex the first time, will people be able to tell?
No. Although you may feel like everybody knows, they likely won't. You won't look any different, and there will be no outward physical signs that you've had sex. You may, however, feel differently because having sex for the first time is such a big decision, both emotionally and physically. Unless you act differently, however, it is unlikely that anybody will know.
Can a girl get pregnant even if she doesn't orgasm?
Absolutely. A girl can get pregnant whether or not she has an orgasm. That a girl can avoid getting pregnant by not having an orgasm is one of the biggest myths among teens. An orgasm, or lack of one, does not affect whether or not a girl can become pregnant.
What does affect a girl's ability to get pregnant is whether or not she is ovulating. Once a month a girl ovulates, which means her body releases an egg.1 If the egg is fertilized with a guy's sperm, it may eventually develop into a baby. The timing of the release of the egg (ovulation) is based upon the girl's menstrual cycle, or period.
Remember, lack of an orgasm has no effect on whether or not an egg is released. So, yes, a girl can get pregnant even if she doesn't orgasm.

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