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Fabulous Foreplay

Fabulous Foreplay

The Sex Doctor's Guide to Teasing and Pleasing Your Lover

Dr. Pam Spurr

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Whether you're single or married, having a pleasurable and fulfilling sexual relationship includes devoting time to seduction and foreplay. All too often, dissatisfaction in a couple's sex life is due to the fact that they've forgotten how to seduce each other. Couples are often guilty of skipping foreplay altogether, instead going straight to the already established pleasure zones that once turned their partner on but which may no longer do so. Dr. Pam has written this book to revive the neglected art of seduction, with tips and tricks specifically designed to stimulate each of the sexual senses: touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing, as well as the sixth sense, intuition. Packed with unique seduction and sex techniques for both new and established couples, Fabulous Foreplay offers sexy, easy-to-follow advice for even the most experienced lover.


1. Before-play —
An Introduction
to Seduction
Whether you're in a relationship, you're single, or have just met someone new, you need to know about seduction and foreplay. Both are essential to a pleasurable and fulfilling sexual relationship....


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About the author

Dr. Pam Spurr

Dr. Pam Spurr is a well-known media psychologist, life coach, broadcaster and sex writer. As a "sex and love doc" she has advised millions of people through magazine, newspaper and internet columns, radio and television programs, and her number-one bestselling books.

Pam Spurr

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