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Fairy School Dropout Undercover

Fairy School Dropout Undercover

Fairy School (Volume 2)

Meredith Badger

Square Fish



Trade Paperback

Hide your wings . . . we're going undercover!

Elly is a fairy. She even has wings and the latest-model wand to prove it. But she isn't a typical fairy. Every time she goes to a new fairy school, things end in disaster! But this year, everything is going to change. Elly is going undercover—at a human school! No spells. No flying lessons. Just nice, normal, human stuff. What could be easier?


Chapter One

Everyone knows what fairies are. They are sweet, little creatures that live under toadstools. They dress in pink and they flutter around, making humans happy by granting wishes. And they know how to make magic from the day they...


Praise for Fairy School Dropout Undercover

“Witty, charming and enormously creative, Badger has created a series with characters that are relatable and endearing. But what I love most about this series is how reminiscent their tone is to the fiction books of yore. That combination of humour, magic (fairy or no), creativity and witty storytelling is a feat in balance. . .and balance is something Badger does so very well.” —Kids Book Review

“Kids will enjoy this fast-paced chapter book. Readers will wish they had a fairy best friend to help them with homework, give them flying lessons, and turn bologna sandwiches into chocolate!” —Portland Book Review

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About the author

Meredith Badger

Meredith Badger is the author of the Fairy School Dropout books and Tweenie Genie: Genie in Training. She is also a writer for the Go Girl! series. Originally from Australia, Meredith lives in Germany with her family.

Meredith Badger

Meredith Badger

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