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Far Flung and Well Fed

Far Flung and Well Fed

The Food Writing of R.W. Apple, Jr.

R. W. Apple Jr.; Foreword by Corby Kummer

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Celebrated journalist R. W. ("Johnny") Apple was a veteran political reporter, a New York Times bureau chief and an incisive and prolific writer. But the role he was most passionate about was food anthropologist. Known both for his restless wideopen mind and an appetite to match, Apple was also a culinary scholar: witty, wide-ranging and intensely knowledgeable about his subjects. Far Flung and Well Fed is the best of legendary Times reporter Apple's food writing from America, England, Europe, Asia and Australia. Each of the more than fifty essays recount extraordinary meals and little-known facts, of some of the world's most excellent foods —from the origin of an ingredient in a dish, to its history, to the vivid personalities—including Apple's wife, Betsey—who cook, serve and eat those dishes.

Far Flung and Well Fed is a classic collection of food writing— lively, warm and rich with a sense of place and taste—and deserves to join the works of A.J. Liebling, Elizabeth David, M.F.K. Fisher and Calvin Trillin on the bookshelf.


FAR FLUNG AND WELL FED (Chapter One)Northeast / Mid-Atlantic

The Glorious Summer of the Soft-Shell Crab

The sun was a blood-orange disk pinned to the horizon as Thomas Lee Walton eased his 24-foot Carolina Skiff into the creek and...


Praise for Far Flung and Well Fed

“In a time when the bookshelves and small screen are filled with globe-trotting food personalities, Apple brings something special to the mix.” —The Denver Post

“With R.W. Apple, Jr., triumph is a given. He approaches food writing the same way he approached political reporting or war reporting or parachuting in.” —Calvin Trillin in The New Yorker

“Johnny Apple's magnetic writing about food makes it crystal clear why food ought to matter as much to the rest of us as it meant to him: He understood that food is the purest expression of human culture. And he knew that what will save us in the end is the embrace of food diversity in all its cultural and biological splendor.” —Alice Waters, Chez Panisse

“As much as Johnny Apple loved politics, he might have loved food even more. He loved searching for it, learning about it, writing about it, and most of all, eating it. This classic collection of food writing from one of The New York Times' most renowned writers deserves to be on the shelf -- or kitchen table or in the travel bag -- of each and every foodie.” —Nina and Tim Zagat, Zagat Survey

“There will never again be someone as robustly brilliant at both table and typewriter as Johnny Apple. Taken together as a menu degustation, the full magnificence of this erudite explorer emerges. I hope that anyone with a hedonistic appetite for life, learning, flavor, places, people, and passion will keep this book by their bedside for a nightly feeding and smile.” —Danny Meyer, author of Setting the Table

“Can anyone resist the work of a writer who could both thrill to a thrush pate in a French gastronomic temple and also get giddy over...the ideal Philly cheesesteak? Well, I suppose some people could, but I'd never want to have dinner with them.” —Fortune

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About the author

R. W. Apple Jr.; Foreword by Corby Kummer

R.W. APPLE JR. worked for The New York Times for forty years, serving at various times as Associate Editor, Chief Correspondent, Chief Washington Correspondent, and Washington Bureau Chief. He began writing food articles for the Times in the late 1970s, when reporting from London. His writing also appeared in a variety of magazines, including The Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, GQ, Saveur, Travel & Leisure, Departures, Gourmet, Town & Country and National Geographic Traveler. He lived with his wife Betsey in Washington, D.C, where he died in 2006.

CORBY KUMMER is a Senior Editor at The Atlantic Monthly, where he also writes extensively about food, and is the author of The Joy of Coffee and The Pleasures of Slow Food. He lives in Boston, where he is a five-time winner of the James Beard Foundation's Journalism Award, including its MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award, for his Atlantic columns.

R. W. Apple Jr.

R. W. Apple Jr.

Corby Kummer

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