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Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late

Nadine Dajani

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Trade Paperback

Convinced you're having a quarter-life crisis? Think maybe a soul-searching trip might help?

Aline Hallaby, a nice, obedient Arab girl, has it all---a budding career at one of Montreal's most prestigious accounting firms, a loving family, and a boyfriend of three years who has finally proposed. To top it all off, she's about to fly to Cancún with her accounting classmates to celebrate passing the Uniform Final Examination. There's just one tiny problem: Ali has failed the exam. She hasn't told a soul. Not her parents. Not her boyfriend. And definitely not her boss, who will boot Ali out the door as soon as she finds out.

So rather than suffer through seven days in Cancún with her drunken-yet-successful classmates, Ali grabs her best friends, Sophie and Jasmin, and flees to the farthest place her airfare cancellation insurance will carry her: the resort town of Varadero Beach, Cuba. . . .

The sea, sand, and sun, not to mention the attentions of a certain Cuban dive instructor, soon have Ali feeling wonderfully careless and increasingly reckless. Caught up in a whirlwind of rum-soaked nights and moonlit Havana strolls, this good Muslim girl gets her very first taste of what it would be like to be bad, really bad. But will what happens in Cuba stay in Cuba? Or is Ali finally ready to break out of the good-girl mold and grow into the woman she was meant to be?


Chapter One

You know you have a shitty job when your clients would rather slit their own throats with a spoon than return your phone calls.

Which is why today, a crisp early-autumn Friday, I decide it's time for something a little...


Praise for Fashionably Late

“The most stylish accessory at the beach this summer is sure to be Nadine Dajani's Fashionably Late. This sexy and smart debut will leave you laughing, cheering, and trying to book a trip to Cuba.” —Sarah Mlynowski, author of Me vs. Me

Fashionably Late is a wonderful story of East meets West. Aline navigates the waters between her overprotective family and their traditional values and what she really wants for herself in life. I read it in one sitting!” —Michelle Cunnah, author of 32AA

Fashionably Late is an entertaining, cross-cultural debut, filled with honesty, humor and heart.” —Wendy French, author of sMothering, and After the Rice

“From the chic boutiques of Montreal to the sultry nightlife of Cuba, Fashionably Late sparkles with wit and humor. You will fall in love with Dajani's engaging Lebanese-Canadian heroine.” —JoAnn Hornak, author of Adventures of a Salsa Goddess

Fashionably Late is a compelling read for women who find themselves at the crossroads. It's a must-have for the most fashionable of book bags.” —Mary Castillo, author of Hot Tamara and In Between Men

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About the author

Nadine Dajani

Born in Lebanon, Nadine Dajani lives in Montreal, where she wrote (and passed) her Management Accounting exams. She lived in Grand Cayman for five years, where she enjoyed island-hopping to nearby Cuba whenever the travel bug bit. Fashionably Late is her first novel.

Nadine Dajani

Miguel Escalante

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