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Erica Kennedy

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Sydney Zamora is fiercely independent, aggressively opinionated and utterly self-made. Armed with feminist ideals and a fashionista's sense of style, this self-proclaimed feminista has reshaped her body, staked out her own little piece of Manhattan as a celebrity journalist and only dated men on her own terms. There's just one problem: Sydney has never really let a man in. And now that she's hitting her mid-thirties, she wants one. Badly.

Enter Mitzi Berman, a $40,000 a shot matchmaker forced on Sydney by her well-meaning sister-with-the-perfect-suburban-life (even if she does have a wife instead of a husband). Sydney is Mitzi's most challenging project yet: she's gorgeous but nearly impossible to set up with a man. Mitzi also has her eye on Max Cooper, scion of Harvey's department store, the city's chicest place to shop. But nothing could make either Sydney or Max Cooper run faster than Mitzi, with her inflexible instructions and her Brooklyn accent. And they might just wind up running into each other's arms.



Sydney Zamora decided she'd had enough. She tossed her crumpled napkin on the table and pushed her chair back as her confused date watched in disbelief.

"Where . . ." he stammered. "Where are you going?"

"Home." She...


Praise for Feminista

“Every successful woman with an 'S' for single on her chest (and a target on her back) can relate as Sydney struggles with wanting to ‘be the girl' and be in constant control. The great thing about this hilarious novel is that Erica Kennedy makes us wonder if that's possible while also questioning whether it's necessary.” —Helena Andrews, author of Bitch Is The New Black

Feminista is smart, hilarious, and totally of the moment. Every feminist fashionista will find herself on these pages, as Erica Kennedy uses wit and verve to take a look at some of the tough decisions women have to make on the road to having it all. One of the most enjoyable reads of the year.” —Rebecca Walker, author of Baby Love: Choosing Motherhood After a Lifetime of Ambivalence.

“Why can't all women's fiction be as funny, smart and witty as Feminista?” —Anna David, author of Bought and Party Girl

“Kennedy tweaks the template to create a beautiful, biracial, brainy heroine, far hipper than chick-lit is used to.” —Kirkus Reviews

Feminista is a love story for women, like Sydney, who aren't quite sure they still believe in love. A feminist page-turner that will have readers laughing in recognition of the twists and turns of the dating jungle.” —Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Fast Girls

“A story of two people that may be perfect for each other despite their differences set amid the flash of New York City.” —News and Sentinel (Parkersburg, WV)

Feminista [boasts an] unapologetically ballsy protagonist, Sydney, a writer who finds love almost despite herself.” —

“In turn uplifting, funny, a little sad and always, always entertaining.” —

“Erica Kennedy's Feminista is funny, charming, and just possibly too close to home…Sydney is hardly a typical heroine.” —

“Kennedy jazzes up the chick-lit formula with a cast of colorful characters and plots inspired by TMZ and Page Six…readers will enjoy Kennedy's humor (she's a master of the well-aimed zinger) and the fictionalized real-life dramas she inserts in the story.” —Newsday

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About the author

Erica Kennedy

ERICA KENNEDY is a journalist who has covered entertainment and fashion for Us and In Style. She lives in New York City and Miami, Florida.

Erica Kennedy

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