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First Color Book

First Color Book

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Ann Montague-Smith; Mandy Stanley



Board book

Recognizing colors is an essential early skill, and this book's bright, colorful images, clear captions, and stimulating questions help encourage young children to develop basic concepts of shape, color, and appearance. First Color Book is the ideal companion to the First Word Book, First Number Book, and First Shape Book.
First Color Book:
- Shows clearly how primary colors can be mixed to create more complex colors
- Includes introductory tips for parents
- Includes a lively, pull-out first colors poster


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About the author

Ann Montague-Smith; Mandy Stanley

Mandy Stanley illustrated both the I Can Count and I Can Spell series and and the award-winning First Number Book and First Word Book, which were both Smithsonian magazine Notable Books for Children. She trained at Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design and Nottingham Polytechnic, where she gained a degree in fashion. She worked in children's wear for three years - since then, among other things, she has produced nursery sets for Mothercare, an award-winning range of toys for Boots and a range of books and other resources based on the 'Babe' character.

Ann Montague-Smith is a professor of early education at University College, Worcester, in the U.K. She was a primary school teacher before becoming an early education specialist in mathematics.

Ann Montague-Smith

Mandy Stanley

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